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Take advantage of data analytics today to build your fanbase 

We are making changes to our insights page. If you are reading this article, you may have used our previous insights page which we will be phasing out on 1 May 2021. We are replacing it with an in-depth insights page.

Writer: Staff Writer
Date: 16 April 2021

The new insights page keeps some of the essential parts of the old insights and provides new functionalities and clarity on the relevance of some functionalities. Test it here


We are making changes to our insights page. If you are reading this article, you may have used our previous insights page which we will be phasing out on 1 May 2021. We are replacing it with an in-depth insights page.

You may ask: “what was wrong with our previous insights page?”, the simple answer is nothing. Like any other part of this platform, we are an ever-evolving platform. We always want to provide our users with information that is useful in their daily lives. Information that can be used to advance their daily lives. Our previous insights page had a few things which we felt are useful to the the users of Qlikstrim.io, namely,

a) The global downloads which we have retained,

b) The growth statistics which are a 7-day snapshot of your weekly growth, and

c) The downloads by countries and the top 3 of your most downloaded content.

The new insights page retains these insights but includes new functionalities. We sort to provide clarity on the relevance on some of these functionalities and on why they are important and how they can be used.

Summary of old against the new insights page

1Global download statisticsYesYes
2Weekly growth statisticsYesYes
3Downloads from the top 3 countriesYesYes
4Downloads from the top 3 citiesNoYes
5Weekly comparison of global downloadsNoYes
6Marketing opportunities you should considerNoYes
7Top 5 most downloaded contentNoYes
8Advice on how to attract more fansNoYes
9Articles on how to attract more fans as per the industry leadersNoYes

This is what to look out for in the new insights page

  1. GLOBAL DOWNLOADS – These are statistics on how many overall numbers of downloads you have, the countries, the cities and the number of unique fans or followers that have downloaded and consumes your content.
  2. FANBASE ANALYTICS  - One of the functionalities that was not there previously. The fanbase analytics provides the top 3 countries that have downloaded your music. It also provides the 3 cities that consume your music and expands on how you can use this information.
  3. WEEKLY COMPARISON - We have retained the weekly downloads comparisons to help you understand how your music is consumed on a weekly basis. We have also provided an explanation on you can interpret that information, a comparison of how many downloads you have had in that week against the total number of downloads relating to content like yours. This will help you understand how much of the downloads market share you have had for that week.
  4. TOP 5 MOST DOWNLOADED CONTENT - We also provide you with your top 5 most downloaded content. We believe that in doing that you will be able to trace your activities and campaigns that helped you to get these top downloads and that you are able to repeat these activities and you will be able to keep getting more downloads. We also hope you will be able to able to learn and identify any potential mistakes that you are making that leads to less downloads.
  5. MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES YOU SHOULD CONSIDER - We provide the brand-new area titled “Marketing opportunities you should consider”, which are top 4 marketing channels that you should take advantage of and the reasons why we advise you to take advantage of those.
  6. HOW TO ATTRACT MORE FANS - We also provide a 3-step guideline on how to attract more fans, which is a summary of actionable steps on how you can promote your music and enjoy growth.
  7. ARTICLES - Lastly, we provide you with the latest articles that will give you a practical experience from some of the well-known individuals on how they have made it in their music journey.  

The insights page will keep on evolving based on use. This is what you should look-out for going forward:

  • A suggestion of your songs that should be published on paid platforms based on analysis of the market trends.
  • The most popular artists that you can collaborate with who are making the same music as you and are already making the necessary in roads.
  • The DJ’s you should consider collaborating with that could help you increase your fanbase and hopefully your bookings.
  • d) Analytics on your bookings versus of the most booked artists on Qlikstrim.io and what you can do to get more bookings.
  • We are experimenting with some machine learning algorithms and we will make some of them available to you based on the usefulness of the output.